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John Fernand Marti

John Fernand Marti graduated from the highly-renowned French School of Physiotherapy in Saumur (‘Cadre Noir’), after a three-year intensive training to become an equine physiotherapist. He was among the top graduates when he completed his studies in 1991.

In addition, he is a trained neuro-electro-stimulation physiotherapist, a form of passive muscle training, as well as an animalogist. Animalogy is an area of science dedicated to the study of the behavior of mammals, especially dogs and horses, which is taught exclusively in France and England.

After extensive studies and working at different race tracks in France for several months, including Longschamps, John Fernand Marti spent two-and-a-half years working in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) for Sheikh El Falached, owner of one of the most successful stud farms for race horses, where he acted as hydro and physiotherapist.

Since several years, John Fernand Marti is a self-employed physiotherapist and successfully treats both athletic and leisure horses in Germany, France, northern Italy and Switzerland. The treatment of strained athletic horses, primarily in Switzerland (including horses of Andreas Ott, the internationally successful jump rider and member of Equipe Swiss), is one of his main fields of expertise.

To supplement his treatment using traditional methods of physiotherapy, John Fernand Marti developed several manual massage devices that can also be applied by the layman after initial instruction.

To aid the healing of tendon injuries, he developed a basin, HypoAquafit, that can also be used as a horse-pond.