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Hydro Therapy

Hydro therapy as a method of physiotherapy primarily serves two functions, depending on its use. Firstly, it assists in the recovery from injury and secondly, it helps to carefully build up muscle tissue.

In addition to traditional methods of physiotherapy, John Fernand Marti developed ‘HypoAquafit’, a device used to assist in the treatment of tendon injuries. ‘HypoAquafit’ is a basin with eight nozzles, which can be adjusted individually, to project a water-jet on the cannon bones generating a massaging effect. The maximum strength of each nozzle is 600 liters per minute. The massage fosters the blood flow and has healing effects on the entire lower body structure.

The „HypoAquafit“ may also be used as a simple horse-pond.

In addition to its medicinal effects, the „HypoAquafit“ is simple to maintain and to assemble. Its use does not require a construction permit.

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